Club Share Accounts

NCUA $250,000 Insurance Logo Club Share Savings (originally called the “Christmas Club Account”) offers the member an opportunity to "“set aside” funds in a separate savings account that can be used for vacation, Christmas or other special event.

The member decides when to make the withdrawals. Telephone transfers and Internet transfers are available to and from this account also.

There is no service charge for this savings account and no minimum balance requirement. The account receives the same dividend rate as the Share Savings Account.

To open a Club Savings account, just give us a call or come by. If your beneficiary or joint owner is different from the Primary Share Account, a new signature card must be signed. Funds can be transferred from another account to get it started. A Club Savings Account Truth-In-Savings Disclosure will also be provided.

Save a little each payday automatically! If you use payroll deduction, an amount can be designated for the Club Account just by telephoning us. This is a nice, easy way to save something extra for something special.