Virtual Branch Electronic Banking

For PC Users

“Virtual Branch” allows members, via a personal computer and the Internet, to access their accounts. If you are new to the Credit Union’s home access and would like to sign-up, just click on Enroll Online.

Services offered are:

  • History (at least 90-days) and balance inquiries
  • Transfers to and from your own accounts (including loan payments)
  • Transfers to another member’s primary share, draft or loan account


The service is provided to you free of charge.

Real Time Mode

We use “real time” mode. Therefore, the balance that is seen on your PC screen should be the actual balance that we see in the office.

Please keep in mind that ACH and share draft items are still batched processed and will be posted usually once each day. Anything outstanding from those avenues may cause your account to go into the "red" if you have not accounted for these transactions. Always try to maintain a large enough balance to cover such items beforehand, just in case the computers decide to take the day off!.

Should you have any questions or problems, please let us know.