Bill Payer

You are now able to pay most any vendor, anytime, without having to write or mail a check or draft. You can even “email” money to a friend, or transfer money from your EPB Employees Credit Union draft account to your checking or savings at another financial institution. A few clicks of the mouse, and the chore of paying those monthly bills or transferring money is over - it's that simple, and that fast!

If you would like to give our service a try, you must agree to the terms. And, we will give you your first two months free!
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How It Works

Bill Payer is a service that enables you to pay bills from your draft account by using your personal computer. Essentially, it saves you the trouble of having to keep track of postage stamps, envelopes, payment stubs and making sure the payment “is in the mail.”

Once you input your billing information into the Bill Payer system, you can decide if and when a payment is made. If you have a repetitive payment of the same monthly amount, such as a mortgage payment, you can set it to automatically pay on a certain day of each month.

It will take approximately two days before the first bill can be paid. After that, when you click to send a payment, Bill Payer will deduct the amount from your draft account early in the morning the next business day.

That same day, a check is printed and placed in regular mail to your vendor. You should allow at least five business days for your vendor to receive payment. If your vendor allows payments via ACH, then your funds will be sent electronically and the payment will usually arrive within 72 hours, but most likely in 48 hours. The ACH payment method is strickly up to your vendor, and not your choice to make. As a reminder, Bill Payer will place an asterisk next to your ACH participating vendor's name in your payment list.

Types of Bills

  1. We recommend that you use our Bill Payer program for your repetitive bills. For sporatic or one-time payments, it is much faster to write a share draft. You will need to input your vendors one at a time in our system. We highly recommend that you have all parts of your bill in front of you as you fill out the payment request information. You’ll be asked to fill in the following information:
    • Account Name: Short name for that particular bill, i.e. "Electricity" or "Water"
    • Payee: Name of company such as “EPB”
    • Payee Address Line 1: The address where payments are sent.
    • Payee Address Line 2: The address where payments are sent.
    • Payee City: The city where payments are sent.
    • Payee State: The state where payments are sent.
    • Payee Zip: The zip code where payments are sent.
    • Payee Telephone: Usually an 800 number to call if there are problems.
    • Your Payee Account No.: Be sure to include all digits of the account number on your bill.
  2. Your new bill input will be placed in a “pending” status until your merchants have been contacted and the account information verified. Plus the merchants are notified to expect payment via our Bill Payer program. Some merchants will accept your bill payer payment via ACH. If so, your payment will be sent electronically and will arrive at the merchant within three business days.
  3. It may be better if you pay this month’s bill with your draft and start using Bill Payer with next month’s billing. That way, should you be running close to the late charge date, you won't cross it while waiting for the approvals, etc.
  4. You should check the status of your Bill Payer account often to know if your bill can be or was paid via Bill Payer. Also, check the address the bill is going to from time to time. Companies do change payment addresses and you may not become aware of this until you receive an email stating that your payment was returned due to an incorrect address. A return could result in your payment being received after the due date. Please pay your bills early to help prevent late charges from being assessed.

Fees and Charges

You can try Bill Payer for your first two months free of charge. After that, a monthly fee is assessed on the anniversary day of the month you initially signed up. Please let us know which plan you would like to use. Or, if you decide not to keep Bill Payer, please let us know so we can cancel the billing process.

There are two Bill Payer Plans:
  1. Limited, with a fee of $2.00 each month plus 40 cents per bill payment, or
  2. Unlimited, with a fee of $6.00 monthly and no charge for bill payments
Note: If you have 10 or more bills each month, select the $6 plan, if you have 9 bills or less each month, select the $2-plus plan. The “break-even” number is 10 bills/month.

Should you need these services, we will charge:
  • $12 for a standard proof of payment (i.e., copy of cancelled check)
  • $15 per letter mailed Express Mail
  • $20 Non-sufficient funds (NSF) return fee
  • $8 per cancellation of each request for payment before disbursement
  • $5 for return payment due to any error.
For additional information, please click here for the Bill Payer Agreement/Disclosure form.

Note: prices for services may vary from those shown here.


Bill Payer Enrollment Form
  1. You begin the enrollment process by filling out our Enrollment Form on-line. A disclosure form is available for viewing prior to proceeding with the enrollment form. And, one is available for viewing here: Bill Payer Agreement/Disclosure form.
  2. Once the Credit Union is notified that you have enrolled, if accepted, an approval will be sent to you via email. Usually, you will be able to set up your bill payer within a day or two of completing your enrollment form.
  3. Go to Online Enrollment!


If you should have a problem with the payment of a bill through Bill Payer, please call toll free:


Or, if we can answer any questions, please call the Credit Union at (423) 648-3413.