Membership Eligibility

Membership in EPB Employees Credit Union is limited to the following groups:

  • Employees of EPB
  • Retirees of EPB
  • Family of employees or retirees of EPB (family includes: grandparents, parents, siblings, children, and grandchildren)
  • Employees of current contractors of EPB
  • Employees of the EPB Employees Credit Union
  • Family of employees of EPB Employees Credit Union
Joint ownership on an account is often confused with membership in the Credit Union. A joint owner can co-own and have access to funds in a share, draft or certificate account; but, not be a member of the Credit Union or be entitled to use any of the services. To use any other service (purchase Money Orders, Travelers Checks, open a Safe Deposit Box, etc.) each individual (regardless of age) must be a member and have a primary share account with at least $30.00. Check with us if you have any doubt about your qualifications to join, or if you want to confirm your status on an existing account.

Positive Identification Required

Patriot Act, BSA Secrecy Act, OFAC, FinCEN

Please keep in mind that EPB Employees Credit Union makes every effort to comply with laws governing the positive identification of new and current members, joint owners and beneficiaries. We will expect to see, and we will photocopy, government photo identification (driver's license, etc.), Social Security card, and/or any other sources that will establish unequivocal identification. This information will be retained for up to 5 years after membership ceases.

Further, at the time a new individual's name is presented to us for any reason, we inquire government lists (OFAC and FinCEN) to determine the person’s status regarding money laundering, terrorists activities, foreign relationships and international activities. Deposits could be "frozen" and/or surrendered to federal or state authorities in compliance with the law. Such monitoring will continue as long as the individual is a member of this Credit Union and as long as the law requries this activity.