Types of Loans

Unsecured Loans

  • Visa Credit Cards
    We offer the "classic" credit cards for both purchases and cash advances.
  • Signature Loans
    Whether a 3 or 4-year payback, customize one for you.

Secured Loans

  • Share Secured Loans
    Use your savings as security for this loan and pay the lowest interest rate possible.
  • New Cars, Trucks, Boats, etc.
    Buying a new vehicle... We have some tips that can save you money!
  • Used Vehicles
    Used vehicles aren't cheap, we loan on them too!
  • Mortgage Loans
    First mortgage for purchase or for refinance, are available through our mortgage loan partner, 7 Mortgage.


EPB Employees Credit Union highly recommends that you consider insurance coverage for all of your valued assets - including yourself! If you're in the market for a vehicle, home or something personal, you might want to consider what might happen if you become sick, disabled or worse! Check out our credit union partners at TruStage; you'll get the peace of mind that will make your loan nearly worry free! For more information, please click on the logo below.

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